Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the requirement of the paper format?
A: Please click here to download the template.
Q: What's the limit for page counts?
A: Normally we expect the paper not less than 5 pages, but if the paper exceeds 5 pages, the extra fee will be required. Please check Registration Page for details.
Q: Can I submit the same paper to other journals or conferences?
A: No, if your paper was accepted by the conference organizing committee, the copyright of your paper would be transferred to the publisher.
Q: When will I get the invoice?
A: We will print the invoice right after the registration. Authors are suggested to apply for invoice on submit system if you need invoice; If you want the invoice urgently, please contact us and provide us the detailed mailing information, including: mailing address, zip code, the recipient's name, telephone number (authors need to bear the freight by themselves).
Q: What about the repetition rate and plagiarism for manuscript?
A: Authors are suggested to check the repetition rate through CrossCheck, Turnitin or other inquiry system. Otherwise, the publisher refuses to publish the paper due to the plagiarism, the author will take the full responsibility. The manuscripts will be rejected and posted as negative example on the conference website once containing plagiarism. Please check Submission Guidelines Page for more details.